Mar 5 • 1HR 2M

Episode 001 - Nathan Schneider

Cryptoeconomics, Economic Democracy, and Networked Governance in Web3 with Nathan Schneider

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In this episode, Martin & Jahed sit down with Nathan Schneider, Assistant Professor of Media Studies at UC-Boulder, the co-author of Exit to Community, and principal invesigator of the Metagovernance Project. In the conversation, we cover the history of the cooperative movement, what DAOs and cooperatives can learn from each other, the perils of digital governance design, and the future of community-based democratic governance.

Here are the show notes:

Beyond Cryptoeconomics: Platform Cooperativism and the Future of Blockchain Governance

Article on a democratic counterpart to venture capital for financing, and a software stack that supports creative democratic governance

Cryptoeconomics as a limitation of governance

Cryptoeconomics is fundamentally about the use of economic incentives together with cryptography to design and secure different kinds of systems and applications.” - Buterin 2018

A Pre-History of DAOs by Kei Kreutler

DAOs are the natural evolution of organizational forms after tribes, institutions, markets, and networks.

A Preface to Economic Democracy by Robert Dahl

A functional political economic liberal democracy might require economic democracy and other mechanism designs

Markets in the Name of Socialism: The left-wing origins of neoliberalism by Johanna Bockman (George Mason)

How functional markets require competition, and what market socialism organizational forms can teach us about current democratic forms